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Mind-shifting solutions for circular plastic use
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What we do

We make the circular economy happen.

We help brand owners accelerate through cooperation and innovation. We focus on three sectors:






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Our approach


Re-think - Re-design - Re-Brand

Searious Business has developed a ReThink - ReDesign - ReBrand approach. It focuses on the careful management of material flows through product design, reverse- logistics, business model innovation and cross-sector collaboration. Moving the plastic value chain in this direction means improving recycling, promoting reuse and redesigning products, while taking into account the whole lifecycle of products.


Leading ideation sessions, identifying promising innovations in the sustainable use of plastics, deploying Plastic Scans and mapping material flows, connecting to industry and design experts and providing your business with a fresh perspective.


Redesigning material and technology use to innovate product design for market-readiness, setting up the careful management of plastic material flows, improving effective reusability, recyclability and recycled content in products and packaging, coordinating systemic change (e.g. business model innovation) and including Material Flow Analysis, extended Life Cycle Analysis and Cost-Benefit Analysis.


Delivering the results to showcase what can be done in your industry, building a collection of success stories, inspiring customers, partners and stakeholders to follow your example, proving the business case for sustainability, connecting your brand to global goals and initiatives.



Our theory of change

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