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For the love of our Ocean

Our Story

Willemijn Peeters founded Searious Business in 2016 to prevent plastic pollution at the very source. Coming from business and having worked in sustainability for years, she firmly believes businesses are the real catalysts of change. Every minute, 20,000 kilos of plastic enter our Ocean. That's more than one garbage truck of plastic per minute. Searious Business is committed to bring this amount back to zero.



Our team

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Willemijn Peeters

Willemijn is the Founder and Director of Searious Business, the captain of the change-making ship. For the last decade, she has been mobilizing business leadership for a sustainable world. Her commercial awareness, results-oriented mindset, enthusiasm and financial capabilities have built Searious Business’ success and stellar reputation.


Key words: finance, strategic thinker, results-oriented, commercial awareness, enthusiasm.



Rosemarie is the Business Developer, and the process-oriented mind that binds the team together. For the last 8 + years she has been managing projects in the sustainability and development sector. She provides Searious Business with essential knowledge about circular business models and cost-benefit analyses.


Key words: process-oriented, cost benefit analyses, circular business models, project management.

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Thomas van der Schoor

Thomas is the Design Engineer, and design thinker of the team. He has worked for 15 + years in design engineering and product development, after having graduated in Industrial Design at TU Delft. His specialisation in design helps us bring our ideas into reality. 

Key words: design thinking, product development, engineering


Babette van Gerwen

Babette is the Business Analyst, and conceptual thinker of the team. Her creativity and knowledge in sustainability and business innovation helps us develop relevant change-making projects and better shape our problem-solving techniques.

Key words: creativity, sustainable innovation, problem-solving

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Andrew is the Change Manager. He helps clients to manage the process of change and to ‘navigate the territory’ so that mindsets and expectations are aligned with the overall goal and intention of the change initiative.

Key words: Helping Leaders, Teams and Organizations

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Lydia Buckley

Lydia is the Design Scout of the team. She is a pro in finding designs and designers around the world that are innovating in plastics and sustainability, to keep up our 276 pieces and Rethinking Plastics platform.


Key words: Design scout, sustainable design


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