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Close the Plastic Tap

Circular value chain as solution for a cleaner ocean

More and more plastics are polluting our ocean and seas - the plastic soup is getting bigger every day. Let's make sure plastics don't end up in our ocean in the first place.

Reusing our plastics by circular production offers a lot of opportunities. By gathering our plastics and turning them into new products, we can reduce our plastic waste to an absolute minimum. This effective way of production will keep our ocean alive. 

Innovation is the solution to pollution.

Innovation Program

Offering success stories

Change can be daunting for some people, and difficult to implement, but helping to protect the seas is Searious Business, and we need to start making it happen now!

To help industry understand what is possible through cooperation and innovation, we are building a collection of success stories to share. These examples showcase what can be done, inspire businesses to take swift action, and prove the economic and ethical rewards of doing the right thing.

Network of Leaders of Change

Companies can now be part of a network of Leaders of Change, working to book results in business without plastic waste.
We join forces and combine knowledge, tools and infrastructure on local recovery, processing and reproduction of plastics.

We ReThink & Re-design plastics for brand owners, and help them eliminate plastic leakage into our environment. By closing the plastic tap, these businesses also make substantially higher margins.

Want to join as a Leader of Change?

Build your own success story

Do you want to boost your bottom line? Take part in our Innovation Program.
Searious Business will help you strengthen your company's vision and strategy, and we will help you lead the way and build your success story!

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