Searious Business provides mind-shifting solutions for major brands to create circular use of plastic.
Through a combination of sustainability targets with a competitive advantage.

We steer cross-value chain coalitions towards resource efficiency and financial return. 

For whom

We help brand owners accelerate through cooperation and innovation. We focus on 3 sectors that have big potential impact.

Added value

We help our customers to increase their bottom-line while at the same time lowering their plastic footprint. Therefore, we developed a 3R approach. Read more about it here.

What do we 
bring to our customers:

  • License to operate;
  • Sustainable, long-term focus;
  • Added value through new partnerships, technologies & thought-leadership;
  • Consistent and reliable supply chains in plastics;
  • Lower Plastic Footprint and related lower CO2 emissions;
  • Strong brand building and customer loyalty;
  • High commitment and involvement from employees.


We stand out for:

  • Involving players from the total value chain and cross-links with other sectors;
  • Our holistic approach, tackling the different challenges with plastics all at once;
  • Highly innovative & breakthrough solutions;
  • Increased margins for our customers.


96% of CEOs believe that the circular economy is important for their company's future success. Circular economy has become one of the most important growth parameters for companies, and many companies are taking advantage already. 
Searious Business sees that it's often not technology what's impeding a shift to circular plastics. 

"We experienced quality with Searious Business"


- Maurits van Berckel

CEO Gispen

"An ambitious example of how closed loop recycling of complex packaging materials can be achieved. As one of the “honourable mentions” in the Circular Materials Challenge, run by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and funded by Wendy Schmidt, we support Searious Business and its partners in their idea." 


- Mats Linder

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

"Working with brand owners on a daily basis, we find that the ability to change often depends on a mix of commercial, organisational and technological elements"


- Willemijn Peeters

CEO Searious Business

Showcasing best examples


Attention designers:

Working on circular economy?

Click here for more info on global initiative

with Dutch Design Foundation & Yksi Expo.

The best examples as inspiration for others: '276 pieces'

Build your own success story

Do you want to boost your bottom line? Ask us to help you in plastic innovations.
Searious Business will help you strengthen your company's vision and strategy, and we will help you lead the way and build your success story!

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