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And become part of the solution for a cleaner ocean

More and more plastics are polluting our ocean and seas - the plastic soup is getting bigger every day. Let's make sure plastics don't end up in our ocean in the first place.

Reusing our plastics by circular production offers a lot of opportunities. By gathering our plastics and turning them into new products, we can reduce our plastic waste to an absolute minimum. This effective way of production will keep our ocean alive. 

Innovation is the solution to pollution.

Easy first steps, concrete results' 

Positive impact on three levels




Set up an Ocean Platform with a Framework for Action. Involve more businesses, start new initiatives with a set time frame, collaborate NGO's, research facilities and governments.



Set up innovative projects and get results. As game changers and project leaders, we connect people, gather funding and whatever else is needed to scale it  up or make an application more mainstream.



Initiate inspirational projects in a number of municipalities. Gather businesses and other stakeholders for a new approach in re-designing and recycling of plastics, locally.

The three levels we work on, each have their own challenges. But above all, they provide us with a means to interlink and collaborate on a scale and scope we think is necessary to make a difference.

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