Searious Business
Mind-shifting solutions for circular plastic use


Mind-shifting solutions

towards Zero Plastic Waste


We create roadmaps to zero waste and help implement products and projects toward that goal.

Searious Business is a project office helping businesses spearhead the transition towards a circular economy. We believe businesses are the catalyst for real change, because a clean ocean starts with a closed tap. We therefore offer major brands mind-shifting solutions for circular plastic use to bring plastic pollution back to zero.


Our expertise

sustainability consulting

The context in which we do business is changing rapidly as the global population becomes increasingly aware of the impact of plastic on the natural environment. Businesses need to adapt quickly - That’s where we come in.

Mind-shifting solutions

To reach our goal of zero plastic in the ocean, we want to help businesses move ahead. We therefore provide innovative ideas and solutions to accelerate the circular economy and our clients positioning within it.

Product development

Searious Business helps companies build and accelerate their dream sustainability products and projects. We consult experts in various fields through our extensive network, and build a team to help realise the project.

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Our offer

Searious Business offers a step-by-step approach whereby clients can choose how far they’d like to take our services. We offer a variety of services including consulting in sustainable materials and resource efficiency to innovation product development.

After we get to know your company needs, we recommend or you can choose between our three types of specialised sessions. After the session is done, we build you a personalised recommendation with three proposed solutions that you can choose to undertake internally or with us on board.





Curious about already what’s being done?

Check out our Rethinking Plastic platform, where we collect the most innovative and sustainable products and projects being developed by designers and companies from around the world. We use this site to keep tabs on the latest technologies for plastic alternatives and applications for recycled plastics.



Our clients