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Upcoming Events featuring Searious Business

October 16-23:
K-messe, Dusseldorf, Germany

October 19-27: Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

October 23-24: Our Ocean Conference, Oslo, Norway

November 1: From Waste to Resource event, Utrecht, the Netherlands

November 13: Eindsymposium Kunststof Verpakkingsafval als Grondstof, Utrecht, the Netherlands

November 13-14: Sustainability in Packaging Europe, Barcelona, Spain

November 14-16: Sustainable Brands Oceans, Porto, Portugal

November 28: The Whole Package: Innovations in Food Packaging, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Next year:

January 21-24: World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland

March 17-18: Plastic Pouches 2020, Vienna, Austria

June 2-6: 2020 UN Ocean Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

June 11-19: World Conservation Congress, Marseille, France

Don't miss out on this upcoming event!   Get a 15% discount on tickets with code 'SEARIOUS'

Don't miss out on this upcoming event!
Get a 15% discount on tickets with code 'SEARIOUS'

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Need an inspirational speaker for you ocean / sustainability related event?
Presenting cases & results for businesses always works to get companies involved and motivated move ahead in sustainability.
We charge a fee of € 2,500 for a half-day, excl. VAT.
Please let us know your objectives and challenges, and how you think Searious Business can best contribute to your event.



Looking for an inspiring moderator for your ocean/sustainability related event?

Our elaborate experience in moderating international events on plastics will ensure your event will be:

  • focused on getting the results stipulated beforehand;

  • interactive;

  • energetic;

  • inspiring;

  • ending in time.

Please contact us if you want us to help you set the example.

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