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Plastics in a circular economy

Although almost all companies use plastics, plastics are rarely seen as a valuable resource. Local recovery and reproduction of plastic materials can become an economic advantage - and result in a huge reduction of plastics entering our environment.

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Design sofa from >95% recycled plastics

In 2016 & 2017, Searious Business helped Gispen to become a frontrunner in circular economy. In 4 months time, we developed a design sofa from >95% recycled plastics.
After getting it production-ready, we helped the company to build their marketing story. With it, Gispen won the biggest tender ever for office furniture: the company can now supply furniture for €10M per year, for the coming 10 years. This truly is a success story, for all players involved.


Searious Business assembled several partners in this innovative project. Waste collectors, plastic recycling companies, machine builders, designers, engineers, and the (Dutch) Technical University of Delft collaborated with us to obtain, use, and assess the recycled plastics coming out of this exciting process.

Mid-December 2016, we finished the first prototype: a design sofa for Gispen made out of > 95 % recycled plastics.
We used 3D printing for the frame, making it easy for assembly and disassembly. Thus, we could also avoid glue for placing the foam (from reprocessed content), and the linen from recycled polyester fibers can now be tucked nicely underneath and even swapped easily.


Towards a replicable model: raising the bar in the furniture industry

Watch the video on the left how this innovation project shifted minds, and turned into a replicable model.