Upcoming events featuring Searious Business:

May 19: Plastic-Waste-Free Tour, Culemborg, the Netherlands (invites only) 
May 21: Sunday Waterday, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
May 30: Guest lecture, TU Delft, the Netherlands

June 1 - 30: Special event, the Netherlands
June 4-9: UN Conference on Ocean, New York, USA
June 4: Side event 'Plastic Means Business', New York, USA
June 8: World Oceans Day

July 3: Result of special event, the Netherlands
July 5: 'Circular economy' for producers of installations, Eindhoven, the Netherlands (invites only)
July 9-13: African Marine Waste Conference, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
July 14: Shark Awareness Day

Sept 12: 'A Plastic Ocean', Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Sept 21: Circular Economy Event, Rotterdam. the Netherlands

Oct 5-6: 'Our Ocean Conference', Malta

Nov 22: 'A Plastic Ocean', Culemborg, the Netherlands



Want to book Searious Business as a speaker?

Presenting cases & results for businesses always works to get companies involved, and move onto new steps.

We charge a fee of € 2,500 for a half-day, excl. VAT.
Please let us know your objectives and challenges. We will think with you towards solutions, and how Searious Business can contribute.



Looking for an inspiring moderator for your (ocean-related) event?

Our elaborate experience in moderating international events will ensure your event will be:

  • focused on getting the results stipulated beforehand;
  • interactive;
  • energetic;
  • inspiring;
  • ending in time.

Please contact us if you want us to help you set the example.