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Willemijn Peeters
Ocean Ambassador

of the Netherlands

I gather business leaders and other stakeholders who are united by a shared vision of an ocean free of plastic waste. Let me help you to define and implement more sustainable ways of producing and distributing goods.

I believe in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to address complex environmental challenges. With Searious Business, my primary focus will be on sourcing solutions for the plastic pollution going on in our oceans right now.

Searious Business stands out by using disruptive innovation at the intersection of technology, sustainability and social change. I am passionate about improving effectiveness of profit organizations as agents of change.

Among my clients:

My major partners:

Positive impact on three levels




Set up an Ocean Platform with a Framework for Action. Involve more businesses, start new initiatives with a set time frame, collaborate NGO's, research facilities and governments.



Set up innovative projects and get results. As a project leader, I connect people, gather funding and whatever else is needed to scale it  up or make an application more mainstream.



Initiate inspirational projects in a number of municipalities. Gather businesses and other stakeholders for a new approach in re-designing and recycling of plastics, locally.

The three levels I work on, each have their own challenges. But above all, they provide me with a means to interlink and collaborate on a scale and scope I think is necessary to make a difference.



Close the Plastic Tap initiative in Hawaii

Presenting the outcomes of the 'Close the Plastic Tap' initiative by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), at the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii.

Building strong, international network

Setting up an international network of Ocean Ambassadors. Ranging from the Netherlands to Hawaii, from Fiji to Australia,the network consists of young women with a strong drive for a clean & living ocean.

Waterdonut at center stage of Plastic Free Rivers Makathon

Developing prototype and live-scale model of 'the Waterdonut' to catch plastic debris in Dutch waterways and ports.

Cases / Solutions


Building an international platform

Building consensus with companies and work together to close the plastic tap. For example: we recently set up a Framework for Action, including an action plan, timeline, and the creation of a multi-stakeholder platform.

Local recovery & reproduction of plastic granulate and materials

Culemborg Circulair focuses on keeping plastic materials 'in the loop'. Local businesses use a 'Living Lab' to re-design and test using products made of recycled plastics.

Plastic Scan: Move from use of Plastic to Unique Selling Point

Gain insight into your use of plastics and business opportunities that come with different usage and treatment. Find out how much you spill, and earn a plastics label (A-F) by taking action.
Starting in Dutch, soon in English!