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Gispen: Sett CE Sofa

product development


Our proudest project is the Gispen Sett CE, a design sofa made out of > 95% recycled plastics made together with Dutch furniture company Gispen. Although almost all companies use plastics, plastics are rarely seen as a valuable resource. This sofa demonstrates how the local recovery and recycling of plastic materials can become an economic advantage - and result in a huge reduction of plastics entering our environment.

Searious Business assembled several partners in this innovative project. Waste collectors, plastic recycling companies, machine builders, designers, engineers, and the (Dutch) Technical University of Delft collaborated with us to obtain, use, and assess the recycled plastics coming out of this exciting process. Within only four months, we developed the first ever sofa made out of more than 95 % recycled plastics.

Towards a replicable model: raising the bar in the furniture industry. How this innovation project shifted minds, and turned into a replicable model.


An insight into the development of the Sofa at Culemborg Circulair.


100 % Recyclable Pouch

product development

Recyclable pouch.jpg

(Food) Packaging is the major source of plastic pollution.
We focus specifically on the 'recycle disasters' in food packaging, the multi laminate packaging. Therefore, we just finished development of a 100% fully-recyclable drink pouch. A major breakthrough, which we will now start testing in production facilities with a major converter and a number of interested brand owners. To get the needed systemic change, we set up a consortium, together with Brightlands Materials Center & TNO: RePETitive Packaging.

Material Flow Analysis:

Searious Business partnered with TU/e and Suez to determine the best recycling route for the pouch. Find out more through our material flow analysis here.

An ambitious example of how closed loop recycling of complex packaging materials can be achieved. As one of the “honourable mentions” in the Circular Materials Challenge, run by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and funded by Wendy Schmidt, we support Searious Business and its partners in their idea.
— Mats Linder, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Sustainability consulting


With >30,000 product packaging in stores all across the Netherlands, Superunie is well aware of the need for sustainability. More and more customers ask for sustainable packaging. Moreover, government regulations are getting stricter. Searious Business helped Superunie to develop a practical and future-proof packaging strategy, and helps to implement that change. The focus is on change with the biggest impact, working according to the latest technologies & insights in the realm of plastics.

Keywords: avoid packaging, make packaging fully-recyclable & use recycled content

Searious Business has had a vital impact on getting Superunie to move on sustainable packaging, helping to get everyone on board and make the right choices.
— Cindy Verhoeven, Manager of sustainable sourcing at Superunie

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