Plastic Scan

Plastic Scan: Move from use of Plastic to Unique Selling Point

We realize that companies often don't know where to start. To help keep things moving in the right direction, Searious Business developed "Plastic Scan". This online tool assesses a company's plastic use and recommends potential improvements for companies wishing to "close the plastic tap". Plastic Scan specifically targets producers, packaging & logistics companies.

Gain insight into your use of plastics and business opportunities that come with different usage and treatment. Find out how much you spill, and earn a plastics label (A-F) by taking action.

Fill out the Plastic Scan

  • Gain insight into your plastics use.
  • Find out how big your source is.
  • Discover business opportunities.

This tool is currently only available in Dutch, but will soon be offered in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, and German: Stay tuned!

9 questions, max. 10 minutes

Be part of a smart community

So far, about 200 companies already started using the Plastic Scan.

Among them (see images to the right):

With Plastic Scan, businesses quickly gain insight into their use of plastics, as well as practical opportunities for improving their usage and treatment of plastic as a raw material. Our Plastic Scan tool makes the issue of plastics management approachable, measurable, and enables companies to leverage their ethical use and re-use of plastic into a Unique Selling Point.

This is the best of both worlds: Reducing impact on the oceans, AND saving time, money, and resources—while authentically increasing Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Plastic Scan consists of 9 questions. Completing it takes about 10 minutes, after which you can immediately identify potential business opportunities and improvements for your company. Your score is sent to you by e-mail, and includes your ranking on a scale from A-F. Along with your score, each participant receives 5 “tips & tricks” on how to improve on their use of plastic to earn a higher ranking...and the Searious Business team is always available to help.

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