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What we offer

Future-proofing your business

Searious Business offers a step-by-step approach whereby clients can choose how far they’d like to take our services. We offer everything from consulting in materials and resource efficiency to innovation product development.

Once you fill in your contact details, we offer a free online Plastic Scan and if we think we can help you, we’ll schedule a call so we can walk you through our services and answer any questions you might have.

After we get to know your company needs, we recommend or you can choose between our three types of specialised sessions, listed below. After the session is done, we build you a personalised recommendation with three proposed solutions. You can choose to take these solutions forward internally, or take us on board to help you.

Step 1 (optional):

Plastic scan

Take our free online plastic scan to see how we can help you. The plastic scan helps us understand if and how we can improve sustainability in your business, informing the following steps of our collaboration. It also helps you decide if you’d like to take the next steps with us. This scan can be extended in-person if preferred, for a more in-depth overview.

The online Plastic Scan consists of 10 questions. Completing it takes about 10 minutes, after which you can immediately identify potential business opportunities and improvements for your company. Your score is sent to you by e-mail, for internal use only, and includes your ranking on a scale from A-F. Along with your score, each participant receives 5 ‘tips & tricks’ on how to improve on their use of plastic to earn a higher ranking...and the Searious Business team is always available to help.

Step 2:

contact us

Send us an email to let us know what your needs are.

Step 3:

Choose your session

Choose a type of ideation session that matches your needs. For each of our workshops, the aim is to evaluate plastics use in the value chain, rethink the use of plastic, identify opportunities to eliminate single-use plastics through re-use, recycling and reverse logistics solutions.

If you’re looking for something else, contact us and we will see how we can help. For example, we also offer feasibility workshops to determine the feasibility for any sustainable innovation ideas you might already have in mind.


Game plan session


· Two hour ideation workshop where we learn more about your business and how our expertise can help shape your sustainability strategy.


· A comprehensive report with the major outcomes, the feasibility and relevant trends

· Three ReThink ideas are proposed to drastically improve sustainability in your business, on which cost benefit analyses are conducted, from smart improvements to breakthrough solutions.


Quick wins session


· 1.5 hour session where we locate ‘quick wins’ in your company - the easiest, most effective ways to make a positive environmental impact.


· A comprehensive report with the major outcomes and relevant trends

· Three ReThink ideas focused on small, simple shifts including proposed changes in material sourcing, design adjustments and/or business model.

· List of do’s & don’ts, based on our expertise in your industry

Collaborative workshops:


what if lab

A unique opportunity to collaborate with a selection of design agencies to receive insights and different perspectives on complex issues.

· A two-hour long masterclass with relevant designers who have been briefed and extensively informed about the client

· Ideas are developed into a clear concept by the designers and refined based on outcomes of the masterclass

· A two-hour long session, whereby designers present their concepts to the client and the highest rated proposal is developed into a prototype, extensive concept or scenario.

· The final results are presented to the client and form the basis of further development and collaboration with the design studio

In collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation.


Step 4:

Choose your project

If you liked the outcomes of the innovation session, you can choose to take us on board to help you implement the proposed product or project. We have a wide network of experts we can consult in various fields and build a team to help realise the project. By bringing us on board, you are guaranteed to bring a change-making project forward.

Added value

What we can bring to your company

  • Shortened time to market

  • New partnerships, technologies & thought-leadership;

  • Consistent and reliable supply chains in plastics;

  • Lower Plastic Footprint and related lower CO2 emissions;

  • Improved brand image and customer loyalty

  • Enthusiasm that inspires high commitment and involvement from employees;

We stand out for:

  • Involving players from the total value chain and cross-links with other sectors;

  • Our holistic approach, tackling the different challenges with plastics and sustainability all at once;

  • Highly innovative & breakthrough solutions;

  • Increased margins for our customers.

We experienced quality with Searious Business.

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Helping your business meet the Sustainable Development Goals.