One Minute Challenge

Hereby we invite you to the 'One Minute Challenge' - a compilation of selfie videos in which you highlight what you can do with your company to Close the Plastic Tap. The format is easy: answer 3 questions in less than 1 minute challenge:
  • What is your company doing to help protecting the oceans?
  • How do you aspire to reduce your total plastic footprint in the next 3 years?
  • What are the barriers hindering change in the way you produce or use plastic?

Watch and learn!
And be part the change!

June 4: Side event 'One Minute Challenge' at the World Oceans Festival, NYC, USA

Business partnerships and results to prevent plastic pollution in our ocean

This side event is fully aligned with the theme of the Conference “Our oceans, our future: partnering for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14”. It shows how businesses can profit and do more than what is generally stated or politically down-sized, improving the environmental status of our ocean. Radically different products from bio-benign design, and re-designed processes are already creating results, both in reducing plastic leakage and in generated income by companies involved.

To provide insights to UN members – and other businesses - on what is possible through cooperation and innovation, we are building a collection of success stories to share. These examples showcase what companies can already do, inspire businesses to take swift action, and prove the economic and ethical rewards of doing the right thing. Frontrunners take the prize and we all benefit from it. By highlighting these solutions at the UN Conference on Oceans, we want to contribute to an even more ambitious outcome of the Ocean Conference.

Organizing partners: Searious Business and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

§  Willemijn Peeters, Searious Business – Change is a choice
Focuses on developing front-end solutions that help prevent plastic pollution in our seas. Creating innovative, economically advantageous alternatives at the source, Searious Business collaborates with companies and others to strategically assess internal plastic use and reduce external impacts on ocean ecosystems.


§  Joao Sousa & Carl Gustav Lundin, IUCN, Marine Programme – Close the Plastic Tap
Focuses on how to build consensus with companies and work together to tackle this truly global issue. For example: We recently set up a Framework for Action, including an action plan, timeline, and the creation of a multi-stakeholder platform.


Total length: 1 minute per Challenge.