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1. Brief the Brief

Objective: Use input from internal business functions and analyses to strengthen the chosen ReThink proposal, create targets, and map out functional requirements.

· Cost Benefit Analyses are conducted to narrow down to the best idea

· The success criteria is discussed, including both quantitative (financial, plastics waste metrics) and qualitative (brand equity, consumer loyalty, company culture) measures

· A high-level business case canvas is set out, along with plastic waste reduction targets

· A SWOT analysis is undertaken to create a stronger brief

· The pilot brief and business case from the ideation workshop is shared with each function (Supply Chain, R&D, Marketing, Sales, Finance) as pre-work

· Each function briefs workshop on their functional requirements for the proposed pilot.

· Requirements are grouped into categories in each stage of the product lifecycle and summarised into the master brief.


2. ReDesign // Concept Design Workshop

Objective: The concept or pilot solution is developed into a product, system or process design through…

· Input and collaboration from external partners (suppliers, recyclers, etc.)

· Identifying functional requirements and conducting risk assessment

· Prototyping multiple designs, to fail fast

· Benchmarking against competitors and selecting a winning design


3. Rebrand // Implementation workshop

Objective – internal and external stakeholders develop and agree the plan, milestones, timelines and deliverables and agree how the brand should communicate the changes.

· Agree on the positioning of the brand, product and/or packaging in the market.

· Making design for sustainability part of the company culture, with design rules, processes and other ideas such as sustainability awards to incentivise departments to move the needle on sustainability.

· Seeing plastic waste as an asset which can be re-used and re-introduced into the process.

· On-going Project Management support available post workshop