Design sofa from >95% recycled plastics

Plastics in a circular economy

Although almost all companies use plastics, plastics are rarely seen as a valuable resource. Local recovery and reproduction of plastic materials can become an economic advantage - and result in a huge reduction of plastics entering our seas.

By setting up a small-scale production line for a number of companies, Searious Business proved that companies can keep plastic materials "in their own loop". Local businesses actively use this "Living Laboratory" to test, sue, and redesign products made of recycled plastics from their own industrial areas. This closes a production loop, recycles products, saves oney, and reduces pollution - all at once.

Now THAT is Searious Business at its best!

Using Dave Hakkens' approach of a small-scale production line.

Local businesses use a 'Living Lab' to re-design and test using products made of recycled plastics

We mapped the plastic leftovers from companies, and what demands and wishes the companies have regarding the use of recycled plastics. We launched a small-scale production line in September 2016.

Results: design sofa of >95% recycled plastics

A number of major companies have joined this innovative initiative. Waste collectors, plastic recycling companies, machine builders, designers, engineers, and the (Dutch) Technical University of Delft collaborated with us to obtain, use, and assess the recycled plastics coming out of this exciting process.
Mid-December 2016, we finished the first prototype: a design sofa for Gispen.

From >95% recycled plastics! - a world premiere!





Towards a local, replicable model

How this innovation project shifted minds, and turned into a replicable model.

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