Developed prototype and live-scale model of the 'Waterdonut' to catch plastic debris in Dutch waterways and ports.

Waterdonut: originated at Plastic-Free Rivers Makathon 2016

What happens when you put Searious Business together with Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Environment), drinkwater company PWN, and infrastructure builder RKT International in one room?
Exactly, we started to think of a solution to get rid of plastics from our rivers.

The 'Waterdonut' ressembles the 'Sea Bin' from Australia, only the Waterdonut is meant to work stand-alone, off-the-grid.

First placement of 'live' model planned in September 2016, in the Netherlands.
More info (in Dutch): click here.

Waterdonut in the grand finale

The pitch about the 'Waterdonut' in the grand finale - giving you a glimpse of what could be in a few months time.