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Plastics in a circular economy

Although almost all companies use plastics, plastics are rarely seen as a valuable resource. Local recovery and reproduction of plastic materials can become an economic advantage - and result in a huge reduction of plastics entering our seas.

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100% Recyclable Pouch

(Food) Packaging is the major source of plastic pollution. We focus specifically on the 'recycle disasters' in food packaging, the multi laminate packaging.

We just finished development of a 100% fully-recyclable drink pouch. A major breakthrough, which we will now start testing in production facilities with a major converter and a number of interested brand owners.

To get the needed systemic change, we set up a consortium, together with Brightlands Materials Center & TNO: RePETitive Packaging

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Effective recyclability
Searious Business teamed up with TU/e and Suez to determine the best recycling route.
Check it out yourself using this MFA.


Searious business’ Sustainable packaging model

Wondering if your packaging is sustainable or not? Follow our sustainable packaging model to find out.

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