22. April 2018
So how does it work?
20. March 2018
2 years ago, I founded Searious Business. To make a difference in the world of plastics. To stop plastics from entering out ocean. To close the plastic tap. With what result? Here's an infographic on the work we did in 2017! With special thanks to Weber Beamix, Gispen & Van Drenth: - for your efforts to jointly protect the blue heart of our planet; -for your partnership, openness, and trust in pioneering together; - and for your leadership to make a change today.
28. February 2018
Microplastics from tyres: in top 5 of microplastics in our environment and in our bodies. We need to change this around and think of better solutions. Searious Business helps brand owners in the automotive industry to book results through circular innovations.
22. February 2018
The Plastic Scan, a tool for companies to measure their plastic footprint, is now available in English, Spanish and Dutch, at www.seariousbusiness.com/plastic-scan. The official launch took place at the Ocean Plastics Crisis Summit in London on February 20, on stage with artists like Ed Sheeran. With The Plastic Scan, businesses quickly gain insight into their use of plastics, as well as practical opportunities to eliminate plastic leakage.
29. January 2018
Our Dutch bus manufacturers are scared to move away from virgin plastics. Let's show them some "Virgin quality" and prove that airplane interiors from recycled plastics are the future. Searious Business runs innovation projects with brand owners to help them close their plastic loop. Can we optimize your economic potential and at the same time prevent plastics from entering our Ocean? Drop us a line!