ReThink - ReDesign - ReBrand

Searious Business has developed an approach based on ReThink - ReDesign - ReBrand a company’s use of plastics.
It focuses on careful management of material flows through product design, reverse- logistics, business model innovation and cross-sector collaboration. Moving the plastic value chain in this direction means improving recycling, promoting reuse and redesigning products, while taking into account the whole lifecycle of products.

1. ReThink

  • Lead Strategy session to define roadmap
  • Deploy Plastic Scan on site to map plastic material flow
  • Accelerate Creation & Ideation: identify promising innovations through circular use of plastics
  • Link your business with global impact projects

2. ReDesign

  • Redesign material (and technology) use and develop product design up to market-readiness
  • Refine plastics use in production and logistics process to avoid plastic waste
  • Set up careful management of plastic material flows 
  • Improve effective reusability, recyclability and recycled content in products & packaging
  • Coordinate systemic change
    - e.g. reverse logistics, business model innovation and cross-value chain coalition
  • Include Material Flow Analysis, extended Life Cycle Analysis & Cost-Benefit Analysis

3. ReBrand

  • Build a collection of success stories to share
  • Showcase what can be done
  • Inspire customers, partners and stakeholders to get involved
  • Prove the economic and ethical rewards of doing the right thing
  • Bring story alive while connecting to global goals and initiatives

Holistic approach

ReThink                                                 ReDesign                                       ReBrand

First step

Next to our on-site Plastic Scan, we have developed a free online Plastic Scan. For those who want to establish their potential improvements first.
The online Plastic Scan consists of 10 questions. Completing it takes about 10 minutes, after which you can immediately identify potential business opportunities and improvements for your company. Your score is sent to you by e-mail, for internal use only, and includes your ranking on a scale from A-F. Along with your score, each participant receives 5 “tips & tricks” on how to improve on their use of plastic to earn a higher ranking...and the Searious Business team is always available to help.

Free version: 10 questions, max. 10 minutes