Searious Business is a social enterprise, delivering mind-shifting solutions for circular plastic use.
The global companies we work for, use plastics for packaging, furniture and consumer electronics. Together, we make the difference in the world of plastics. 

For the love of our Ocean

In March 2016, Willemijn Peeters founded Searious Business to prevent plastic soup at the very source. Coming from business and having worked in sustainability for years, she firmly believes companies are the true catalysts of change.

Every MINUTE 20,000 kilos of plastic enter our Ocean.

That's more than one garbage truck of plastic per minute.

Searious Business is committed to bring this amount back to zero.

Together, we need to protect the blue heart of our planet.

Because our lives depend on it.

We apply our knowhow of, and partner network in the whole plastics value chain, and think of innovative solutions through dedicated pressure cookers. With this holistic approach, our solutions reach further than the scattered approach of solo companies.

We offer novel innovation projects to global companies in high volume markets where plastics are involved.
We ReThink, we ReDesign, we ReBrand.
Our unique combination of drive, vision and a total value chain approach help our customers to be ‘leaders of change’ in their sectors: in Food packaging, Furniture and Consumer electronics. This way, you can show the world how to move away from oil-based plastics. 


We will help you to build your business model towards a sustainable business model with increasing margins. And even more important: with it, we create a lasting change. Together we preserve the planet for the next generations. 


Searious Business is your partner to become a game changer - let’s make our Ocean plastic-free!

Meet the team

Willemijn Peeters

Yasin El Bouzidi
Product Designer

Rosemarie Wuite
Business Developer

Carina Weijma

Strategic Communications

Andrew Hall

Change & IP Consultant

Selected as 1 of 12 Green Solutions Providers by EC 

We are selected by the European Commission as 1 of 12 Green Solution Providers in Europe. As such, we are part of the EC's Scale-Up Circular Business project.

This means we stand out as a SME to help other companies to become more circular. Our solutions are extremely suited to do that.

Interested in learning more about how our solutions can boost your company's circularity? Contact us.



Willemijn Peeters, Director Searious Business, wins Plastic Recycling Europe Award 2018 

"Willemijn Peeters has put the full force of her personality and very considerable capabilities into establishing an initiative to prevent plastics from ending up in the environment, by helping businesses implement more sustainable ways of producing and distributing goods," said Ton Emans.
"She has done this by herself, not as part of a larger organization. That takes courage, conviction and commitment, which she has shown and why she was unanimously voted ambassador of the year."  

Collaboration with Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Searious Business signed ‘A line in the sand’ – global commitment to eliminate plastic pollution at the source.  
The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment is led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in collaboration with UN Environment, and was officially unveiled at the Our Ocean Conference in Bali (Oct 2018).