Why Searious Business?


Our primary goal is to prevent plastics from ending up in our environment.

The issue

We WILL be held accountable by next generations on the way we tackle plastic pollution. About 80% of all sea birds have plastic in their stomachs. One in four of all fish.

This disturbing fact leads up to the next. About 93% of all adults are tested positive for the plastic chemical BPA every year. And it gets worse: scores of chemicals are twice as high in children from 6-12 years old as in adults.

Business as a force to do good

It's easy to say things have to change. But generally, that doesn't actually change anything. Searious Business was founded to show companies there is another way, and wants to help them lead by example. We believe in the power of innovation and entrepreneursip to address complex environmental challenges. 

Changing the game

Searious Business stands out by using disruptive innovation at the intersection of technology, sustainability and social change. We are passionate about improving effectiveness of for-profit organizations as agents of change. Creating innovative, economically advantageous alternatives at the source, Searious Business collaborates with companies and others to strategically assess internal plastic use and reduce external impacts on ocean ecosystems.


As we work with businesses, we are always guided by these core principles:
  • Re-Think 
    We help establish inclusive, innovative, solutions-based thought processes.
    This includes:
    - Re-Use: Moving away from "single use" for industry and consumers;
    - Recycle: Applying "re-think" to recycling programs - Cents and sense;
    - Reverse Logistics: systemic change.
  • Re-Design 
    Systems, strategies, and product cycles - Making improvements, together!

  • Re-Brand
    New positioning of the brand, product and/or packaging in the market.
    This includes ReTrain: Producers and the public - Changing how people treat and value plastics.


Let us help you to define and implement more sustainable ways of producing and distributing goods.

Willemijn Peeters, Director Searious Business, wins Plastic Recycling Europe Award 2018 

"Willemijn Peeters has put the full force of her personality and very considerable capabilities into establishing an initiative to prevent plastics from ending up in the environment, by helping businesses implement more sustainable ways of producing and distributing goods," said Ton Emans.
"She has done this by herself, not as part of a larger organization. That takes courage, conviction and commitment, which she has shown and why she was unanimously voted ambassador of the year."  

Selected as 1 of 12 Green Solutions Providers by EC 

We are selected by the European Commission as 1 of 12 Green Solution Providers in Europe. As such, we are part of the EC's Scale-Up Circular Business project.
This means we stand out as a SME to help other companies to become more circular. Our solutions are extremely suited to do that. Interested in learning more about how our solutions can boost your company's circularity? Contact us.

Meet the team

Willemijn Peeters
Founding Director & Ocean Ambassador

of the Netherlands

Yasin El Bouzidi
Product Designer

Dimitra Kanidou

Industrial Ecologist

Rosemarie Wuite
Business Developer

Iris Hameleers
Industrial Ecologist

Carina Weijma

Strategic Communications

Sibylle Rouet Pollakis
Industrial Ecologist

Anne Koot
Industrial Ecologist

Bart Pierey, Cees Bijleveld, Robert van Acht & Simon Frijns
Supply Chain experts