Circular Economy: Not For Everyone

It still happens to me sometimes.
People - usually plastic experts - come up to me and ask me how Searious Business can actually add to what they are doing. Surely, I am not a polymer expert and don't have a long track record in plastics education.

It still bedazzles me. How any one person can think that technology alone can be the change we need in this world. In this case, in the way plastics are used.
Indeed, I am not a polymer expert. And I can name a bunch of other skills I do not have. For instance, I am not particularly good at drawing. Let alone designing high-end products, like furniture or fridges. 
I am also way out of my comfort zone if I encounter software issues on my computer. So I shouldn't even be tampering with a 3D-printer myself.

Fortunately, I am skilled in other things, mostly needed to book results in a circular economy. This includes assembling and leading a team of the smartest people in their field of work. Getting whoever and whatever on board to make innovation work. Getting that spark going for the common goal we set out with our customers: the major brand owners in the world. And actually preventing plastic leakage AND running a profitable business model, together with all players in the value chain.

Changing to circular economy is never the result of persistence and hard work of just 1 person. It is a coordinated effort where wildly motivated people work together and create new paths. By doing things differently than they have always done, and seeing that it pays off.

The question is: are you ready to walk this talk?
Let's create impact, together.