A Plastic Scan to Divert Plastic Soup

A Plastic Scan to Divert Plastic Soup

London, UK, 20th February 2018

The Plastic Scan, a tool for companies to measure their plastic footprint, is now available in English, Spanish and Dutch, at www.seariousbusiness.com/plastic-scan. The official launch took place at the Ocean Plastics Crisis Summit in London on February 20, on stage with artists like Ed Sheeran.


With The Plastic Scan, businesses quickly gain insight into their use of plastics, as well as practical opportunities for improving their usage and treatment of plastic as a raw material. The online Plastic Scan makes plastics management approachable, measurable, and enables companies to leverage their ethical use and re-use of plastic into a unique selling point. This is the best of both worlds: reducing impact on the ocean, and saving time, money, and resources. There is a huge amount of money to save. According to a recent EU memo, non-recycled plastic costs Europe between 70 and 105 billion euros annually. Companies that use the new online tool receive a plastic label (A-F) that indicates how much plastic is wasted in their value chain. Software company Centric helped to develop the Plastic Scan.


Plastic pollution is a global, growing problem. Consumers are increasingly demanding companies to change the way they use plastic. Plastics have tremendous impact on our ocean, our health, and our long-term well-being. Every year, we produce 311 million tonnes of plastic, and only 9% is recycled. This results in 10 million tons of plastic ending up in our ocean every year, ending up in humans through the food chain and the air we breathe. 


Recently, all the 193 UN Member States agreed to monitor the amount of plastic leaking into the ocean and the new EU Strategy on Plastics stipulates even further measures. The strategy is aimed at protecting the environment and promoting innovation, without putting economic growth at risk. In the overall approach, companies have an essential role to play to protect our ocean from plastics, by rethinking and redesigning their products and packaging.

Companies often don’t know where to start. To speed up the transition to circular use of plastic, Searious Business has developed the Plastic Scan. This online tool assesses a company's plastic use and recommends potential improvements for companies wishing to "close the plastic loop". The Plastic Scan specifically targets manufacturers, brand owners, and their supply chain partners.



To make a global change in plastic usage, increase scope of companies and improve the environmental impact, Searious Business works with organizations like the Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Arcadis. Attention to the problem of plastic is increasing. But there is still a lot of work to be done. If companies want to improve their plastic use, Searious Business offers innovation projects to help companies realize the change that the world demands.