Brainport First Port Without Plastic Soup

Every minute, 20,000 kilos of plastic end up in our ocean. Most of it comes from land.

To reduce this amount to '0', Searious Business organises a full evening on 'A Plastic Ocean', on September 12, presented by famous comedian Leon van der Zanden. 

Manufacturers can now buy tickets, and already make some first steps, towards a busines without plastic waste.

Smart region, smart design and smart manufacturing
Brainport Eindhoven is the smartest region of the Netherlands. We will gather all smart captains of industry, for an experience, a confrontation, but above all, a new way of thinking about plastics. Prominent game changers, entrepreneurs and designers will show what we can do. Add to it the exclusive, one-off screening of 'A Plastic Ocean' in the south of the Netherlands. "The film promises to be the sequel to Al Gore's Oscar winning film An Inconvenient Truth”(AD).

The world is changing. Companies and consumers are posing stricter demands on use of materials. The Netherlands wants to be a hotspot for circular economy. Financial policy and legislation is quickly ramping up to integrate sustainability. There is a rapid growth in sustainable investors who want to contribute to meet the climate goals set out in COP21, and steer away from fossil fuels. Equity investors are eager to invest in companies that use plastics in a smart way, that closes the plastic tap.

Radical change
The ultimate goal is for companies to not produce plastic waste, so plastics doesn't end up in our ocean in the first place. This tackles the very source: by improving vision and strategy of manufacturers and packaging industries using plastics. By joining the Plastic Coop, companies can find out what is possible in terms of rethinking and redesigning plastics, on how to avoid use, and improve on reuse and recycle (upcycle). Companies will not only leak less plastics, but they will also add more value to their customers and create better margins. 
This unique form of cocreation leads to more involvement and commitment to one of the most urgent challenges in the world: a clean and living ocean, without plastic soup.

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