Challenge conventional

It's time to lead. Earth Day messages all around the world this weekend made that much clear as day.
In case you missed it, check out this video.

Future generations will judge our action on plastic pollution. So it's not just about not using straws. Or only using paper bottles as an alternative for plastics. This week, once again, microplastics were all over the news. New studies show another big patch of plastic garbage in the Arctic.

No surprises here. I already feel an enormous sense of urgency.

So it's a good thing people are stepping up and demanding soft drinks in anything else than virgin plastics. And even better news that Apple pronounced it only wants to use recycled materials in their products. Criticasters were quick to judge these outspoken ambitions. But I admire people who challenge the conventional. Apple already showed it can change the phone industry, so why couldn't they lead the way in how phone companies use materials?
Some of the talks at Plasticity in Texas, USA, focused on industrial changes, too. And even more so, I work with small and medium enterprises all the time, where people can actually start making a difference as of tomorrow.

That's what I like about my work - I get to meet inspiring people who hold the key to action, and get to connect them to people who can DO the action. And show it can be done. All you need is someone, just like YOU.

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